Reveals the Top 5 Ways That New Moms Can Use Cheap VoIP Calling to Stay Better Connected to the World

(PRWEB) May 07, 2013

Oh, mama! According to an article published April 30 on Mashable, Yahoo recently doubled its maternity leave time from 8 weeks to 16 weeks. This new policy change comes weeks after the very unpopular recall of all remote Yahoo! employees. Yahoo! moms cant work from home, but they can stay at home for a few extra months.

New moms still need a way to stay connected to the world as they enjoy some extra time on leave. One of the cheapest ways to communicate is with VoIP technology. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is Internet calling, and its usually 80% cheaper than traditional phone calling.

In honor of moms getting a little more stay-cation, My VoIP Provider reveals the top 5 ways that new moms can use VoIP to stay better connected to the world.

1. Cheap VoIP Calling Nationwide

Nearly all VoIP providers offer users unlimited nationwide phone calls. The technology behind Internet calling makes it easy and cheap to send calls long distances, which is why so many providers offer unlimited calling plans throughout the US. New moms can call loved ones at anytime for cheap. Many residential VoIP providers also offer Universal Numbers, which are numbers that the user customizes with the area code of their choosing, thus making all phone calls to and from that area code cheap local calls. This is a useful for families who make frequent calls to get the latest updates on the new baby.

2. Cheap International Calling

VoIPs cheap international capabilities are perfect for new moms with international friends and loved ones. Several residential VoIP providers offer unlimited international calling plans. Even if the provider doesnt offer unlimited calling, many providers do offer cheap VoIP calling rates to international phone numbers for just a few cents a minutes. With home VoIP service, new moms can talk as long as they want with loved ones overseas for only a few dollars a month.

3. IP Video Conferencing

IP video conferencing is great for families that cant quite get away to travel to the see the newborn. Cheap IP video conferencing allows family members to video chat with one another from anywhere in the country, or around the world. This helps save money for new moms who can use that money saved on plane tickets for some new baby clothes or diapers.

4. Call Blocking

Sometimes Mom needs a break from the outside world. Moms can use call blocking to enjoy some peace and quiet without the phone ringing all the time. Call blocking is useful for when Mom needs a break, or when the baby is asleep. Mom can customize her call blocking. She can block all calls with general call blocking, or can block certain calls using a home VoIP feature called White List/Black List. With call blocking, Mom can chose who gets to ring her up during her already busy day.

5. Mobile VoIP

And sometimes Mom is ready to go back to the outside world. Mobile VoIP is a great baby step for moms ready to hit the town again. Most residential VoIP providers offer mobile VoIP as an app that users download to their smartphones. Moms can take their cheap VoIP service on the go, and can use cheap VoIP calling while shopping, or traveling, or just getting some fresh air with the new baby.

New moms can use a little extra help around the house. Residential VoIP is a great tool for cheap calling to stay connected to the family as mom expands her own little family at home.

In-Flight Magazine Names Holiday World ‘Best Park for Merrymakers’

Santa Claus, Indiana (PRWEB) November 03, 2012

A top in-flight magazine named Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari the worlds Best Amusement Park for Merrymakers in its October issue.

In US Airways Magazines Hot Spots: Great Getaways section, six parks from around the world were named best in categories ranging from Best for Daredevils to Best for Partiers. Holiday Worlds Voyage roller coaster was listed as a Dont Miss ride.

US Airways Magazines monthly readership totals more than three million.

Other unusual titles given to Holiday World over the years include:

Spirit Quest Tours Says 2013 is the Year to See the World that Did Not End

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) January 01, 2013

Billions of people worldwide may have breathed a collective sigh of relief when the world did not end Dec. 21st, and based on travel statistics and activity at Spirit Quest Tours, Americans are ready to get out and see the world. Bookings for spiritual travel in particular are up, with more Americans interested in travel abroad to do more than simply shop or lie on a beach.

Spirit Quest Tours begins its ambitious 2013 international tour schedule January 5th with a guided tour to Machu Picchu and other sacred sites of Peru.

International travel by Americans was up in early 2012 and it remained strong as the year progressed. December was a very busy travel month for international tourism, and all indications are that 2013 will be a year of recovery for travel companies and international flights from the U.S., Eavelyn says.

According to data from the U.S. Travel and Tourism industry, international travel by Americans was up in 2012 over 2011 levels. Overseas travel was up by 6.5 percent by the third quarter of 2012, with double digit percentage gains to destinations including the Middle East and Central America. International travel to Mexico and Canada was also up over 2011 levels.

International travel by Americans is trending upward, and our companys tour and travel numbers are following suit, with the emphasis on travel for reasons beyond just vacation, Eavelyn says.

“Now that the world has not come to an end, people are asking ‘Now what?’ in their lives. At least thats what were hearing from the people who are traveling with us. Our trips are designed around a larger calling — to help people find the answers to those questions.” Eavelyn says.

Data shows that Europe remains the most popular destination for Americans who are traveling overseas, with 20 percent of all U.S. tourists traveling abroad heading there. The Caribbean gets the next largest slice of the overseas pie, with nearly 11 percent of U.S. overseas travelers heading to the islands, according to the ITA Office of Travel and Tourism Industries most recent survey.

Spirit Quest Tours has six guided international tours on its current 2013 schedule, and Eavelyn says the company is evaluating other destinations to add to their offerings.

Were very excited about Spirit Quest Tours upcoming trips to Peru in January and July. Its a destination that has appealed to adventure seekers and spiritual travelers for centuries, and tourists have been showing their interest in these trips for several months. Cuba is another destination that has people booking early, as new opportunities have opened up for American tourists to see the island. Eavelyn says her company will lead a trip to Cuba April 16th 24th, which will feature an inside look at the religions, art, music and culture of the island.

Trips to Spain, Bali and Egypt are also on the Spirit Quest Tours schedule. The company says their typical travelers are not interested in wandering around on their own. They are often interested in eco-friendly tours that provide opportunities for guided tours led by local experts to spiritually connected locations.

Itineraries for the Spirit Quest Tours 2013 Travel Schedule can be found at

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Millions of People Around the UK Get Ready to Welcome the World to London in 100 Days’ Time

(PRWEB) April 18, 2012

Millions of people around the UK are getting ready to welcome the world to London in 100 days’ time.

Red Arrows flypast confirmed in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales
Giant Olympic Rings, visible on Heathrow flight path, unveiled at Kew Gardens
Games motto revealed ‘Inspire a generation’

70,000 volunteers are already a significant way through the million hours of training they will receive ahead of the eight million hours of volunteering they will deliver; over eight million people have said in a recent survey they are getting ready to line the streets and cheer the thousands of community heroes carrying the Olympic flame around the UK; two million school children are learning about the values of the Games and the countries and cultures of the 10,000 plus athletes from over 200 National Olympic Committees coming to the UK; and eight million Olympic and Paralympic tickets will be in the hands of British sports fans by the summer.

While the UK gets ready to host the Games, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) today announced that the world-famous aerobatic display team the Red Arrows will perform a nine-ship flypast in Big Battle formation across the UK to mark the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games (27 July), providing a stunning curtain raiser to the show. Flying over London 2012 Live Sites in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London before the Opening Ceremony begins, the iconic Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team will herald the start of the Games, and welcome the world in quintessentially British fashion.

London 2012 Live Sites will be among the destinations in 22 towns and cities across the UK for communities to come together and cheer on the athletes this summer. Up to 500,000 people per day are expected to celebrate the Games at Live Sites throughout the country, and watch the sporting action on the big screens. The sites, run in partnership between London 2012, the BBC and local authorities, and supported by the National Lottery through the Olympic Lottery Distributor, partners BT and Lloyds TSB, and supporters Cisco and Cadbury, will become fully dedicated to London 2012 from May. Fully branded, there will be seating provided so crowds can watch the sporting action in style. Many Live Sites will also feature ‘have a go’ sessions for Olympic sports.

LOCOG also today unveiled the motto for the Games ‘Inspire a generation’. Reflecting the promise made when London bid for the Games, the motto will appear on branding and publications in the run-up to, and during, the Games.

Today sees the latest spectacular installation of the Olympic Rings unveiled at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, west London. The Rings, which are 50m long, will be made up of 20,000 plants and will be visible from the Heathrow flight path. The flowers were planted over a period of five days by a team of volunteers and Kew staff and consist of Pansy Light Blue, Viola Clear Yellow, Viola Black Delight, apple mint (Mentha suaveolens) and Viola Red Blotch plants. They will be in full flower for the summer.

LOCOG and its delivery partners are getting ready for the Games 31 out of 42 sport test events have been successfully completed, with the biggest test event to come in May, involving over 80,000 people on the Olympic Park for six events. In total, around 250,000 people will have attended the London Prepares series of test events.

Finally, preparations are well advanced for the London 2012 Festival – the countrys biggest ever arts festival which will see over 1,000 events held across the UK to welcome the world as part of the Cultural Olympiad. There will be 10 million free opportunities to take part in events across the UK.

Across the UK, thousands of people will be marking 100 days to go. At Weymouth and Portland, the venue for the Olympic and Paralympic Sailing competitions, a giant sandcastle has been built featuring the Olympic Rings. There will also be activities including have a go sessions and interactive video games at many Live Sites throughout the day on 18 April.

To celebrate the UK’s role in the birth of the modern Olympic movement, a total of 40 ‘Coubertin Oaks’ oak trees are being planted at venues around the UK. Trees grown from acorns taken from an oak planted in 1890 during the visit of the founder of the modern Olympic Movement, Pierre de Coubertin, to the Wenlock Olympian Games will be planted at Kew Gardens; William Brookes School in Much Wenlock, Shropshire; the Forestry Commissions National Arboretum; and at the UPS London Central Centre, in Camden. Twenty-six Get Set schools will also plant oaks as part of this project.

IOC President Jacques Rogge said: ‘Organising the Olympics is a team effort and over the next hundred days, people from all walks of life and from all around the world will play their part in helping to make London 2012 a Games that will inspire a generation. From the athletes refining their technique, to the volunteers learning about their roles, to the torchbearers carrying the Olympic flame and the people supporting them as they go, each and every one of them is playing their part in making these a Games to remember. Around the world, the excitement is growing and expectations are high but I am confident that Britain and London will deliver a great sporting event and a warm welcome too.’

LOCOG Chair Seb Coe said: ‘With 100 days to go to the start of the Games, millions of people are getting ready to do the best work of their lives and welcome the world this summer. There is a groundswell of support and excitement, not just in the UK, but internationally as the final countdown to the London 2012 Olympic Games begins. Whether its the competing athletes or people getting ready to join their communities in supporting Torchbearers on the streets of the UK, the whole world is getting ready for London. Expectations are high, and we wont disappoint.

Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport Jeremy Hunt said, The London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics are within touching distance now and theres something incredibly exciting about that. The country is getting ready to welcome the world this summer, and its set to be an amazing celebration that we will never forget.’

Officer Commanding the Red Arrows, Red 1, Squadron Leader Jim Turner said, The Red Arrows are honoured to have been invited to take part in the London 2012 Olympic Games celebrations to represent both the Royal Air Force and the very Best of British. My whole Squadron, pilots and ground support staff alike, share the pride and privilege of being part of such a special occasion.’

Notes to editors:

The horticultural rings are being planted at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; a world famous scientific organisation, internationally respected for its outstanding living collection of plants and world-class Herbarium as well as its scientific expertise in plant diversity, conservation and sustainable development in the UK and around the world.

Live Site activity on 18 April:

In Belfast, members of the public will be treated to boxing, fencing and athletics have a go sessions, as well as four schools competing in the interactive screen game ‘Dash Dodge Dive’.

In Birmingham, sports volunteers will gather at the Live Site to take part in a 100 photo call to launch Olympic-related activities taking place in Birmingham, including Pre-Games Training Camps (USA and Jamaica) and the Torch Relay.

In Coventry, ‘Team Extream’ will be on site with their urban freestyle show which includes freestyle football, break dancing and BMX.

For further information please contact the London 2012 Press Office.

London 2012 Games partners:

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