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Ever Flown Internationally? The Government Is Storing a Lot of Your Personal
There are a few ways to minimize the opportunities Uncle Sam has to snoop on you, but when it comes to travel, as Farivar noted, there seem to be few options for privacy besides showing up last-minute to buy plane tickets in person — and that's an …

Haykakan Zhamanak: Prices of plane tickets to Moscow rise
Prices of plane tickets have risen in Armenia, particularly the prices of Yerevan-Moscow flights that are in demand now, 'Haykakan Zhamanak' daily writes. An employee of Golden Tour agency said a return ticket to Moscow and back currently costs 150,000 …
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HOLD FOR SATURDAY: Electric plane may set stage for cheaper flights
One of the most expensive costs in flying is fuel so this could drastically reduce the price of plane tickets. reports a flight on "E-fan could cost only $ 16, compared to $ 55 for a flight in a petrol-powered plane of the same size." Airbus …
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South Bend Lands More Flights
The service from SBN will begin October 27, 2014, departing at 6:20 a.m. arriving at EWR at 8:23 a.m. The first flight from EWR will operate on October 26, departing at 7:00 p.m. arriving at SBN at 9:13 p.m.. ExpressJet will operate the flights using …
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United Airlines cuts Venezuela flights over currency
NEW YORK (Reuters) – United Continental Holdings Inc said on Friday it would drop its daily flight to Caracas, Venezuela, from Houston, starting in September, joining other U.S. carriers who have cut service over the country's foreign exchange controls.
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Overcapacity hurting earnings at Air France-KLM
The first of the new cabins, which include business-class berths that recline to flat beds, debuted on Air France's New York-to-Paris routes last month. The company has installed upgraded business-class seats across its fleet of 22 Boeing 747s and will …
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DOT Foxx says Ukraine flight warning one of many
The Federal Aviation Administration had issued a warning in April against flying over the Crimean peninsula, south of where Malaysia Flight 17 went down Thursday, because of disputed air-traffic control in the region between Ukraine and Russia. The FAA …
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Business report: Allegiant Air resuming nonstop flights to Florida
The flights from Rickenbacker will depart on Sundays and Thursdays, with the return flights from Punta Gorda on the same days. The seasonal service had been from February to April. Punta Gorda is located on Florida's Gulf Coast, just north of Fort Myers.
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JetBlue adds flights between Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale
"This new route will provide business and leisure travelers with affordable and award-winning nonstop full-size jet service between these two vibrant cities," Dave Clark, vice president of network planning for JetBlue Airways, said in a press release.
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The best time to book the cheapest flights
Airlines use sophisticated computer programs to analyze booking trends and constantly change prices to get the most money from each flight. That's why two passengers in the same row might have paid vastly different fares, depending on when they booked.

Advertised airfares could become cloudier or clearer
The Transparent Airfares Act of 2014, proposed by a U.S. House committee, seeks to make the taxes clearer on tickets. Under this rule, airlines would be allowed to advertise their base fares and government taxes and fees separately. The airlines love …
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AirAsia India announces inaugural airfare of Rs 990 in Bangalore-Goa sector
Other domestic airlines have slashed fares soon after AirAsia India announced start of booking from Friday. "We are not bothered about competitors reducing prices. They will be bleeding themselves if they are trying so. We can go on for a long time …
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A New Player in the Battle Over Cheap Trans-Atlantic Flights
An obscure French startup airline has emerged as the unlikely focal point of the battle over a Norwegian low-cost carrier's efforts to launch trans-Atlantic flights in the face of opposition from rivals and labor groups. Paris-based Dreamjet SAS wants …
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Price war set to begin as AirAsia launches service with Rs 990 Goa-Bangalore
In anticipation of the airline's entry into the Indian market, no-frill airlines such as SpiceJet and IndiGo have forced all other carriers to offer discounted fares over the past few months. AirAsia India's offer of Rs 990 including taxes is now …
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10 ways to get cheaper airfares
There's no “magic” day or time to buy the best airfare. A lot of airfare experts think they're clairvoyant, so they know where airfares are headed or how far in advance you should start looking for a fare. The latest myth is to buy exactly 54 days in …
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5 things you might not know about Rose Festival
Other prizes include round trip tickets to Hawaii and Mexico: so get Googling. Photo Credit: Hollywood Poodle via Compfight cc. Stop and smell the Rose Festival. Every year the Lloyd Center Ice Rink blossoms into the largest and longest-running rose …

Fantasy Baseball: Jeff Samardzija Is Elite And No One Cares
Felix Hernandez has enough frequent flier miles in that club to buy himself four round-trip tickets to Hawaii. The Cubs have been especially egregious in their mistreatment of their ace, however. Coupled with his final handful of starts last season …
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Romantic Inns in Savannah Announce Summer Deals and Welcome JetBlue's
Romantic Inns of Savannah welcome the budget-minded airline by offering 2014 summer lodging deals to entice Boston area travelers to the "Hostess City of the South" during summer vacations. The airline is offering deals, too. According to the JetBlue …
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3 Ways to Make Your Trip Gay — Even If You're Straight
Aeromexico Vacations offers LGBT travel packages in Mexico, and Air New Zealand has even staged all-gay flights and an in-flight same-sex wedding. 3. Investigate your Destination. Some countries and cities make it easy to find out how gay-friendly and …
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Vacation in your happy place
My husband and I have three school-age kids and are pretty frugal. We don't even have credit cards. My dad and sister plan expensive extended-family gatherings that require flights, hotels and rental cars. During these vacations, they buy tickets to …
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Lack of graduation venue has some Whitesboro students, parents riled
"And that's even more of a problem, because a lot of people I know have purchased plane tickets and stuff to come see because graduation's such a big deal to everybody." "One of my friends actually has family coming all the way out from Vegas to watch …
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Commencement moves to McNally, ticket system implemented
Sixty-six percent of students had guests who had already purchased plane tickets prior to the announcement, and 20 percent had six or more guests with flights already booked. “We realized that we didn't have the space or funding to put everyone in one …
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BlizzCon 2014 dated for November 7-8, get your tickets next month for 0
Would cost me a good grand to get plane tickets to start with. I mean I like Diablo III and WoW but not unless I had a hell of a tonne of cash would I go there to be crushed in a load of sweaty nerd guys. Think I rather stay at home and just play …
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Why Shares of Allegiant Travel Company Are Flying Sky High
Revenue per mile has been going up for years, due somewhat to rising ticket prices, but mostly due to fees. Allegiant Travel Company has become known for its mastery of skyway robbery by luring in passengers with cheap ticket prices then coming up with …
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Why Airlines Are Devaluing Your Frequent Flyer Miles
And those changes are designed to generate even more revenue for the airlines. At the new American—formed by the recent merger of American Airlines and US Airways—here are the most recent policy implemented changes that will effect for all travel …
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SpiceJet launches one-rupee fare
Yet there were many dissapointed customers as by the afternoon the airline's reservation system crashed unable to handle the extra rush of people looking for cheap fares which ranging from rupee one to Rs 1499. Daily the airline sells around 40,000 …
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SpiceJet brings back Rs1 fare sale
New Delhi: India's second largest budget airline SpiceJet Ltd has announced another three-day fare sale for travel from 1 July, bringing back the kind of sale once offered by Air Deccan seven years ago . SpiceJet said fares will start at Rs.1 (not …
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Growth Stocks Offer Volatility, Potential For Reward SAVE
Spirit Airlines disrupted the airline industry by offering ultra-cheap tickets while charging for everything from food and water to carry-on bags. Strong sales and profit growth in the quarters leading up to the breakout attested to Spirit's success …
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